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E. J. Lashlee is a professional Trustee serving clients since 1973. He has owned and managed many businesses over the years and invested primarily in real estate. He served as a Specialist in the U.S. Army during and between studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. As a student, he played trumpet, then joined professional bands, Las Vegas showrooms, and did occasional recording studio work. Michelin trained him as an Engineer in 1968 specializing in forensic tire performance and balancing, allowing him to manage the original Michelin distributorship in Nevada. He became a licensed Real Estate Broker in 1970, managed Jack Matthews & Company, which evolved into Prudential Americana Realty; the largest realty in Nevada, that eventually became Berkshire Hathaway Home Services-Nevada Properties. With friends, he created Colonial Properties, Wrangler Properties, Wishing Well Realty, Wishing Well Investors, Western Title and Escrow, and now continues as a real estate investor and developer. With another investor, he created National Leasing, the first cell phone system in Nevada in 1970. He then focused on becoming a professional trustee managing 2.4 billion dollars in assets. Other investments include environmental products, energy, business development, real estate, motor vehicles, electrical devices, plastics, patents, and international life improvement of poor children. In 1973, he created True Trust Services, and then acquired Professional Trust Services. As a real estate venture, E.J. bought the historic Daydream Guest Ranch in 1977, then developed the steakhouse, casino, saloon, rodeo facilities, expanded the Guest Resort, and held events holding up to 17,000 people. A massive mortgage and casino theft by Allstate Thrift and Sam Krug inspired him to persist in a five year investigation that eventually convicted Krug. After family members created Ashton-Tate in 1980, (the second largest software giant at the time), he created Software Trust – a dBase and Framework affiliate and design company. E.J. designed software based on dBASE and FRED languages and created the ABC OFFICE PACK programs. He designed "standard websites" and "image slideshow viewers" that are plug-n-play that still prevail on the the internet. In 1995, he became the largest wire wheel manufacturer in the US with companies like Wild Works Wheels, Road Wings Design Manufacturing, and Hallcraft Wheels. Proprietary products included shocks, headlights, frames, rotors, rims, tanks, hubs, and other exotic billet products. In 1995, Professional Trust Services (and Lashlee as Trustee and transfer agent), transferred about 590 million dollars into various international investment groups. In 1999, Lashlee suspected that the GENESIS FUND was becoming a Ponzi scheme and resigned as Trustee. Around 2002, the IRS suspected that the GENESIS FUND was evading taxes. They demanded that Lashlee expose and identify all investors and clients. Lashlee declined, so the IRS then made him a target. Eventually, with assistance from Lashlee, the mastermind of the GENESIS FUND Ponzi Scheme (John Sherman Lipton), was convicted of tax evasion. The IRS settlement with Professional Trust Services (and Lashlee) continued with $25 payments by Lashlee towards a disputed $12,500 fine. The eventual IRS settlement became an IRS "win" finalized in 2007 after they collected a total of $550. The IRS then sealed the settlement records. In 2010, on behalf of investors, Lashlee investigated Isreal Owen Hawkins, Jr. and PETRO AMERICA CORPORATION, and gave a blueprint of his Ponzi scheme and securities fraud to the FBI, that shortly thereafter arrested and convicted Hawkins. In 2013, on behalf of investors, Lashlee, along with the GGC LEGAL PARTICIPATION FUND investigated GALTS GULCH CHILE and Kenneth Dale Johnson. Johnson has since fled Chile and remains a fugitive, while continuing to sell property he does not own. Prosecution of Johnson appears certain. In 2015 he founded Kilver.com (a silver & gold custom coin manufacturer) to make limited edition collectible coins. Lashlee invented two versions of foldable bicycle wheels that allow bicycles (with full size wheels) to fold into a overhead airline style backpack. He holds eleven patents on diverse items that include: a) foldable wheels b) other folding devices c) a Safety Lock Box for easy entry by adults and protection from entry by children d) adjustable joint axis bicycle frame accommodating various sized riders e) multi-diameter joint connector for bamboo construction intended for roof trusses f) a simpler resealable recyclable cola can g) a portable bathtub safety bar h) a portable non-electric tire inflating pump i) a recycleable tea-bag-spoon j) low cost building and insulation materials from trash He has evolved from business ventures gradually over time into writing, designing, engineering, resorts, educating, research, travel, speaking engagements, and especially helping poor children with medical problems, which allows for much more family time.
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Lashlee has written four books. The Protection Book, The Privacy Book, True Trust Book, and Real Rules for Real Estate. Other Achievements: E.J. held more State, County and City Licenses than any other Nevada businessman (over 52 licenses active at one time), to include Real Estate Broker, Notary Public, and an Nevada Gaming License. He orchestrated the first Savings & Loan investigation and conviction, and promoted interstate banking law enticing Citibank into Nevada to assist defrauded bank investors with recovery. His “ABC Business Office” software programs, “dBASE Report Tools”, “Real Rules for Real Estate” are still widely used in the entrepreneurial business economy. He has ventured with projects that included TIMOTCA, UNICEF, The United Nations, Museum of World Art, Asian Nations Group, and the Congress of the Philippines. In 1995 he created Key Kid Foundation, a free surgery foundation for poor children in undeveloped nations. He expanded his charitable organization in 1997 to install electricity, free computers, software, and training in poor schools. He has strong ties to his children, wife, friends, and long-term business associates. He values their relationships, their success, and their happiness.  E.J. Lashlee address phone Contact: E.J. Lashlee, Trustee 668 N. Coast Highway, #400 Laguna Beach, CA 92651 Message Email: info@EJLashlee.com Trusts - Business Law